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Description-tr: temel sistem güvenlik kontrolleri Checksecurity does some very fundamental system protection checks, like seeking changes in which applications have setuid permissions, and that remote filesystems are usually not allowed to have runnable setuid programs. . Observe that these are typically never to be viewed as in any way full, and you shouldn't rely on checksecurity to truly offer any beneficial information regarding the security or vulnerability of your system.

Description-tr: library for managing paper traits (advancement documents) The libpaper paper-managing library automates recognition of a variety of paper types and sizes for programs that really need to deal with printed output. . Bu paket geliştirme dosyalarını içerir. Bundle: libplist-dbg

Description-tr: Brasero CD yakma uygulaması ve kütüphaneleri için ortak dosyalar Brasero is an easy software to burn, copy and erase CD and DVD media. . This bundle incorporates the typical information and translations. Deal: bridge-utils

If you cannot use Tor, or your submission is very substantial, or you have distinct requirements, WikiLeaks provides numerous alternate approaches. Get hold of us to debate the best way to proceed.

Description-tr: MIT Kerberos için belgelendirme Kerberos is usually a system for authenticating end users and providers on a community. Kerberos can be a reliable third-party assistance. That means that there is a 3rd party (the Kerberos server) that is definitely trustworthy by all the entities to the network (buyers and products and services, normally known as "principals").

Description-tr: Gelişmiş izinsiz giriş tespit ortamı - Ortak dosyalar AIDE yerel sistemdeki dosyalarda değişiklikleri algılayan bir izinsiz giriş tespit sistemidir. Config dosyasında bulanan regular expression kurallarından bir veritabanı oluşturur. Bu veritabanı faaliyete geçtiğinde, dosyaların bütünlüğünü doğrulamak için kullanılabilir. Dosyanın bütünlüğünü kontrol etmek için kullanılan bir dizi ileti özeti alagoritmasına (md5.

Description-tr: collection of additional GTK+ widgets - library libsexy is a group of GTK+ widgets that stretch the features of this kind of standard widgets as GtkEntry and GtkLabel by subclassing them and working about the limitations from the widgets. . Anasayfa: Package deal: libslp-dev

Description-tr: Dinamik Çekirdek Modülü Destek Çerçevesi DKMS is really a framework built to make it possible for individual kernel modules to get upgraded without read more switching the whole kernel. It's also very easy to rebuild modules while you upgrade kernels. Package: dmidecode-dbg

Description-tr: Erişim kontrol listesi araçları Bu paket, erişim kontrol listelerini değiştirmek için gerekli getfacl ve setfacl araçlarını içerir. Offer: acpi-support

Description-tr: HTTP library implementation in C -- debugging symbols It was at first Component of a SOAP (Basic Object Access Protocol) implementation identified as Soup, nevertheless the SOAP and non-Cleaning soap components have now been break up into separate packages. . libsoup uses the Glib major loop and is built to perform perfectly with GTK+ programs. This allows GNOME programs to access HTTP servers on the network in a totally asynchronous fashion, very just like the GTK+ programming model (a synchronous Procedure mode can be supported for people who want it).

Description-tr: office productiveness suite -- Ukrainian language bundle LibreOffice; Microsoft(R) Office'e en çok benzeyen tam özellikli ofis üretkenlik çözümüdür. . This package deal includes the localization of LibreOffice in Ukrainian. It includes the person interface, the templates plus the autotext options. (you should Take note that not All of this is accessible for all feasible languages). You are able to switch person interface language using the locales system.

Description-tr: HTTP library implementation in C -- GNOME support growth documents It was originally Portion of a Cleaning soap (Very simple Item Access Protocol) implementation known as Soup, although the Cleaning soap and non-Cleaning soap parts have now been split into separate offers. . libsoup takes advantage of the Glib main loop and is created to operate properly with GTK+ applications. This enables GNOME applications to access HTTP servers around the community in a totally asynchronous vogue, very comparable to the Gtk+ programming model (a synchronous Procedure mode is usually supported for people who want it).

Description-tr: BDF biçimi yazı tipini yeniden boyutlandırmak için araç Bdfresize can be a command to Enlarge or lower fonts which are explained with the standard BDF format. Package: bind9

Description-tr: office productivity suite -- Khmer language package deal LibreOffice; Microsoft(R) Office'e en çAlright benzeyen tam özellikli ofis üretkenlik çözümüdür. . This package deal contains the localization of LibreOffice in Khmer. It incorporates the person interface, the templates as well as autotext attributes. (please note that not All of this is obtainable for all attainable languages). You may switch user interface language utilizing the locales system.

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